4th National Greening the Islands Conference

The 4th national and 6th international Greening the Islands conference is being held in Palermo, Italy on 15th October 2019. The event is organised in collaboration with the CPMR (Conference Peripheral Maritime Regions) Islands commission. The opening of the event will involve the presentation of the first report of the Greening the Islands Observatory and the second part will involve European institutions and industrial associations discussing the subject of national energy and climate plans and the role of the islands. The event will see the participation of over 100 regional and island governments.

The agenda of this year’s conference will revolve around a few critical themes involving

  • The presentation of the first report of the Greening the Islands observatory, followed by a debate revolving around the contents of the report.
  • Business models and investment opportunities for islands
  • Representatives of governments and organisations reporting outcomes for island development
  • Round table with EU Institutions on island dimensions of national energy & climate plans

The event will be a brilliant opportunity to learn more about the future of island sustainability and the current developments being made in the sector.

This event is open to governments, international institutions, industry associations, companies and other island stakeholders. The event costs €110 + VAT with an optional €50 + VAT charge for a cocktail dinner.

For more information visit the website. Registration can also be found on this website, there is an option of adding tickets to a basket at the bottom of the page.