Blue Economy Caribbean 2019

The second Blue Economy Caribbean conference will be held in Miami, Florida on the 15th of October 2019 and will focus on improving the sustainability of coastal and marine economies. The conference, which is hosted by the Caribbean Development Bank and New Energy Events, combines panel discussions, presentations and workshop collaborations. The event is a chance to network with Caribbean government officials, industry representatives, specialists in the related fields and potential funders.

The aims are to assess the progress of policies and projects in the region, showcase successes and introduce new maritime technologies to the market. Another important aspect of the event is its ambition to explore potential financing models for projects across the region, which could potentially lead to matching investors with projects.

The agenda of the briefing consists of 5 main items:

  • A briefing event that will assess progress on actions from the last conference
  • Technology, finance and regulations within the field of Marine Renewables
  • Creating partnerships
  • Equity and inclusion in the growth strategies
  • Perspectives from policy makers

Registration is currently open on the New Energy Events’ website and the fee for this conference is $875.

Additionally, on the 17th of September, a panel of experts will hold a webinar titled “The future of the Blue Economy in the Caribbean: From promise to projects”, which will discuss topics related to the conference.