ITP Energised and Renewables in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a region that offers excellent prospects in the renewable energy sector across different technologies. It has outstanding solar resources, but it also has potential for development across different technologies like wind energy, marine energy, bioenergy, waste and smart grids. The opportunities, however, are accompanied by a number of challenges related to access to electricity, instability in the oil markets, lack of proven route to market for renewables and the need to develop skills in the renewables industry locally.

ITP Energised are developing links in the Caribbean renewable energy industry in order to tackle the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities in the region. The company is already working with partners in locations like Jamaica and Barbados, on projects ranging from feasibility studies for offshore wind to technical support for solar farm design, and reports that there are encouraging signs both within the industry and government.

As a result, ITP Energised are looking to meet contacts interested in the market and outline how they could be able to assist. More information about the company’s involvement in the region is available on their website. For further information on the renewable energy sector in the Caribbean, please contact Joss Blamire (