Houlder Ltd


Cooling, Transport, Tidal, Wave

Company Overview

Employee-owned UK business Houlder provides engineering, equipment and technical consultancy across markets such as marine transport, offshore oil & gas, renewable energy and LNG.

Houlder provides dependable technical support and innovative solutions whether the requirement is for vessel design and build, specialist marine equipment, operational studies and analysis or project management. We work globally for clients at the forefront of offshore expansion and innovation.

Our engineers, analysists, naval architects and project managers do more than offer their expertise. They combine forces to bring clarity to industry challenges, present fully thought through solutions and balance intellect, experience and practical knowhow.

Other Sectors

Offshore Wind

Small to midscale LNG

Products and Services

Houlder has developed marine infrastructure for the energy and transport sectors for thirty years. Relevant clients and partners include CMAL (MV Glen Sannox), Wartsila, KLAW LNG, Siemens, EON Climate & Renewables and Gazprom as well as local and national government.

In recent years, our design and engineering expertise has helped develop the small to midscale LNG distribution and offshore wind industries in particular. For example, Houlder supplies handling equipment to improve the effectiveness of wind turbine foundation installation. The team also develops vessels and equipment to efficiently transport, transfer and bunker LNG as fuel for coastal / island off-grid systems.

Target Market and Regions

Targets include the Caribbean, South East Asia, North and South America and China.


Case Studies

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