AES Solar


Onshore Wind, Solar Thermal, Hydro, Energy Storage, Heating, Cooling, Control Systems, Smart Grid, Transport, Tidal, Wave

Company Overview

AES Solar has been manufacturing solar thermal collectors for over 38 years and are the longest-established manufacturer in Western Europe. AES Solar are specialists in all areas of solar energy systems including solar thermal, photovoltaics, and battery storage. From their base in the North of Scotland AES Solar operate across the UK and export their solar thermal collectors abroad, they also offer full maintenance, consultancy and design services and work on any scale of project which involves solar energy.

Products and Services

Solar Thermal systems are ideal for off-grid markets in terms of supplying hot water and space heating solutions. Installation is relatively straight forward and once installed, Solar Thermal requires very little maintenance.  The expected lifespan of AES Solar collectors is also relevant as the products do last for in excess of 35 years.

Target Market and Regions

We are currently exporting directly to a customer in Nigeria. We do provide this customer with desk based technical support and guidance.


SII Account Manager

Gregor Hogg