Company Overview

Aggreko are experienced globally in designing and deploying mobile energy systems to suit the immediate and long-term power requirements of a community, business or country. We do this by integrating a portfolio of power that takes into consideration local environmental and economic requirements. These include, gas, CHP, HFO and diesel generators, solar, wind and battery. This is coupled with a distribution and network intelligence system. In addition Aggreko can provide a comprehensive thermal solutions including chillers and heat exchangers.

Other Sectors

Utilities, shipbuilding, events, films, batteries, energy trading, nuclear, gas chp, oil and gas.

Target Market and Regions

We have 204 locations in over 80 countries across the world. We operate in over 107.

We are currently targeting:
Islanded communities
Caribbean / Micronesia / French / UK / US territories oversees
Eastern Europe

SII Account Manager

Simon Morris