Denchi Group


Energy Storage, Smart Grid

Company Overview

Denchi Group are a leading UK supplier of power and energy solutions utilising Lithium-ion based battery technology. They have been designing and manufacturing high reliability battery systems at their purpose built facility in Scotland for over 15 years, delivering products into the aerospace, marine, mining and defence markets where performance and reliability are critical.

Building on the Group’s skills and expertise in delivering innovative Lithium-ion battery solutions to a diverse customer base, Denchi have recently extended their capabilities to the energy storage market with the launch of their SLICE® Energy Storage solutions.

Products and Services

SLICE® Industrial Energy Storage systems encompass a versatile and scalable energy storage system architecture designed to meet a range of customer requirements whether the solution needs to be co-located with renewables and is grid connected or is off-grid and providing all back up power.

Target Market and Regions

We have agents in a number of countries, too many to list here so please enquire for more details.

North America
Central America
South America

Case Studies

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