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Company Overview

EC-OG is a cutting-edge Aberdeen engineering firm with ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

EC-OG has developed a hybrid ocean energy conversion and storage solution called the Subsea Power Hub. This consists of a charger (turbine & generator) and energy storage (proprietary energy management system & battery). The unit successfully completed its sea trial in November 2017.

A key element of the technology is that the energy storage (battery) can utilise power from our turbine, as well as accepting energy from numerous inputs in order to provide a holistic energy solution.

Other Sectors

EC-OG provide a research and development services for the energy industry. The Subsea Power Hub System can provide autonomous electrical power for Subsea Control Modules within Oil & Gas applications.

Products and Services

The technology has been developed for remote, low power applications, with the intent that final manufacture/operational maintenance can be completed adjacent to the installation site. Key considerations have been the need to keep the devices as small as reasonably practical in order to reduce installation and operational costs.

Target Market and Regions


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Simon Morris