Onshore Wind, Solar Thermal, Hydro, Energy Storage, Heating, Cooling, Control Systems

Company Overview

For over 55 years the FES Group has led the Scottish market place and the company continues to hold a unique position in providing cutting edge services to the construction and support sectors of UK business.

The company has continued to evolve and develop the range of in-house services and now offers clients a complete ‘cradle to grave’ service. Our service delivery capability now extends from Principal Contractor, providing a complete construction and EPC service, through a comprehensive range of building, prefabrication, technical, fit-out and operate and maintain services.

Products and Services

FES Group has made a firm commitment to the growing demand for renewable energy and low carbon technology solutions.

Wherever possible, we promote carrying out as much of the installation works off site using our state-of-the-art Prefabrication facility.  We can produce bespoke modules to suit any project and even construct self-contained plant rooms that integrate renewable energy generation technologies.  These plant rooms can then be delivered to site fully tested and commissioned, ready to be connected into the existing systems.

Target Market and Regions


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