iPower Energy Ltd


Solar Thermal, Energy Storage, Heating, Cooling, Control Systems, Smart Grid, Transport

Company Overview

iPower is a developer and facilitator of low carbon projects. It works with a range of technologies including solar, storage, hydrogen, fuel cell, CHP, AD/BioCNG.

iPower is a social enterprise and has a social esco model to provide funded energy services focussed on retaining value for the customer.

Other Sectors

Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, CHP, AD, BioCHP.

Products and Services

We have designed an off grid solution for a local authority business park in the UK and see good scope in off-grid for our solutions combining use of organic waste streams for vehicle fuel and electricity generation, alongside solar PV, other renewables such as wind or hydro where applicable and battery storage.

Target Market and Regions

We will consider and review any market opportunity.


SII Account Manager

Contact info@siiscotland.com