McDonald Engineers UK


Solar Thermal, Energy Storage

Company Overview

McDonald Engineers UK are a leading manufacturer of high quality copper hot water cylinders, ranging from domestic Vented and Unvented Cylinders to Thermal Stores and Industrial Calorifiers.

Our focus is very much on the manufacture of copper cylinders, which offers annual savings on fuel, due to superior heat transfer performance.  Copper also has the added benefits of its bacteria killing properties, durability and recyclability.

We are the most flexible cylinder manufacturer in the UK and our remit is to provide solutions for our customers.

Our commitment to providing a total quality service, is reflected in every aspect of our business.

Other Sectors

Hot Water Storage using any form of power available which can be stored and used for heating and hot water.

Products and Services

McDonald Engineers UK have the ability to make products to suit customer requirements.  They can utilise Solar Thermal, Solar PV, Wind Power Electricity and Solid Fuel which are the likely forms of off-grid power available.

Target Market and Regions

We at present are targeting the UK but would investigate other opportunities if they arose.


SII Account Manager

Marcus Alexander