Navitas Scotland Ltd


Hydro, Energy Storage, Smart Grid, Wave, Tidal

Company Overview

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Commercial and financial aspects of all forms of renewable energy in island and ‘islanded’ grids with a specialism in Ocean and River Hydrokinetic energies.

Products and Services

Navitas Scotland is an Orkney-based provider of business development, commercial advisory and technical support services related to Ocean Energies and Clean Technology in general. The company has a long-standing track record in addressing specific challenges relating to island and ‘islanded’ grids in a variety of international markets.

Target Market and Regions

The nature of the work carried out tends to be desk-based in the initial stages building up to delivery in-country. Previous work carried out in and on behalf of clients in Alaska (USA), Barbados, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Haiti, Peru as well as regional and globally focused initiatives.

Currently active in the Caribbean, as well as collaborating in early-stage Ocean Energy activities in South East Asia and in the global River Hydrokinetic sector.

The focus is already global. Caribbean and other islands or island groups which are currently reliant on diesel or fuel oil for power generation present the best near to medium term opportunities.

Alaska, USA
South East Asia

SII Account Manager

Gregor Hogg