Pure Energy Centre


Onshore Wind, Energy Storage, Control Systems, Smart Grid, Transport

Company Overview

The Pure Energy Centre (PEC) specialises in the manufacture of energy storage systems and clean fuel production. Currently, the PEC is delivering a hydrogen refuelling system to Wales’ first 700 bar solar hydrogen vehicle station. It is also delivering the Rio De Janeiro first 350 bar green hydrogen bus filling station. In addition, it is manufacturing the first transportable 700 bar filling station for Sweden, with the customer being one of the largest hydrocarbon based filling station fleet owner in Sweden. In the Western Isles, the PEC is delivering the OHLEH renewable biogas and hydrogen system which includes a circular economy (a world’s first).

Products and Services

The Pure Energy Centre (PEC) is located on a very remote island. As such all of its products have been developed for communities with difficult access to power and fuel. The PEC offers ongrid and offgrid renewable solutions (wind, solar, biogas) coupled with storage systems. Any excess energy is stored in battery, hot water and/or hydrogen tanks. These renewable energy storage solutions ensure that there is always electricity, hot water, heating and fuel for remote communities all with remote monitoring capabilities. The PEC manufactures 350/700 bar dispensers for fuelling vehicles, removing the need for expensive import of fuel.

Target Market and Regions

The Pure Energy Centre operates in 5 continents. It has supplied renewable and energy storage solutions in Europe, Africa, Asia and Americas. The company has provided Africa’s first wind to hydrogen energy system, Tunisia’s first solar training course, South Africa first hydrogen energy storage and Mauritania first wind hydrogen system. In Europe, it is supplying fuelling stations in Scotland, Wales, England, Sweden, among other locations. It has manufactured the hydrogen fuelling system for a truck and many small vehicles for clients. It has over 100 wind installations and dozens of solar installations. The Company has a presence in North and South America, Africa, France, Italy, and UK.

The Pure Energy Centre aim is to work on all five continents. It has developed relationships with businesses and public sector across the world and is looking to develop new relationships. Whether it is in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe or Americas, the PEC is ready to work with any region.


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