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Onshore Wind, Hydro, Energy Storage, Heating, Control Systems, Smart Grid

Company Overview

Scene is a local energy specialist, providing consulting services for renewable energy projects and market research in the sector. The organisation was founded in 2011 and has established a niche in community renewable energy, though work with developers, public sector and landowners alike.

Scene is both a practitioner and research organisation. In addition to a broad portfolio of operational projects in Scotland, our international work in the energy access sector has been very successful at securing grant award funding to develop innovative products and services, and novel business models, working across renewable energy technologies and addressing wider sustainable development goals.

Other Sectors

  • ICT products and services for monitoring and managing renewable energy assets.
  • Solar PV.
  • Off-grid energy.
  • Shared ownership.

Products and Services

Scene has developed ICT smart systems that support the provision of renewable energy. Our products allow local businesses to monitor and control their RE assets, as well as to collect data to improve oversight and organisation of market systems. These include (external links):

– Cloud Solar (Solar PV)

– Urjaa Samadhan (Off-grid Solar PV)

– Smart Biogas Network (Biogas)

Our research covers econometric, geospatial and sociological analysis in community energy and energy access. We have collaborated on research projects globally, including:

  • Risk assessment for community renewable energy
  • Business models and financial vehicles
  • Socio-economic impacts

Financing and scaling up energy access

Target Market and Regions

Scene has offices in India (Odisha) where we are deploying smart control technology (Cloud Solar) and a mobile and web platforms for spares and repairs in the off-grid solar market (Urjaa Samadhan).

We are active in Tanzania (Smart Biogas Network), partnering with local organisations on a biogas programme which is expanding into further field deployment in East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda). We are also providing technical support for field trials of renewable energy systems to refugee camps in Nepal and Rwanda.

We are willing to work in any country needing our services or products. Our target markets are largely developing countries, reflecting our focus on energy access. we are targeting South Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh) Africa (Mali) and Central and South America (Mexico and Brazil).


SII Account Manager

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