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Onshore Wind

Company Overview

SD Wind Energy is a Global Leader in the manufacture and supply of Small Scale Wind Turbines, Off-Grid Battery Charge Systems, Hybrid Energy Systems and Mini-Grids (combined with Solar PV and Diesel Gensets where required).

The SD Product range covers 600W, 3kW & 6kW wind turbines, we have over 5,000 installations around the world and over 30 years experience and operation.

Our in-house team assist with system design, installation and on-going servicing of our products, offering full turnkey supply.

Our wind turbines are unique as they do not require to be shut-down in high winds, therefore, offering operators a higher energy yield and quicker payback period. Our systems can be supplied as stand-alone or part of the hybrid/mini-grid solution. Using Hydraulic Towers for ease of installation and servicing, offering a lower cost of ownership to alternative systems.

Other Sectors

  • Small Scale Wind (Onshore Wind)
  • Remote Islands
  • Agriculture & Rural Domestic
  • Rural Electrification
  • Oil & Gas (Unmanned Platforms)
  • Telecoms

Our products are supplied and operating in multiple sectors and applications, demonstrating how adaptable they can be. Offering on-site renewable energy generation in some of the most remote locations around the world as well as for disaster relief and temporary (mobile) energy solutions.

Products and Services

SD Wind Energy systems have been operating globally for over 30 years for remote islands, off-grid applications and as part of mini-grid’s with great success. Our expertise is unrivalled in these application types and with a global installer network, we can support projects in some of the most remote locations around the world.

Target Market and Regions

SD Wind Energy’s current main focus is in Asia, US, Eastern Europe, Africa and India.

  • UK – Direct Sales & Partner Network
  • US – Partner Network
  • South America – Partner Network
  • Asia – Direct Sales & Partner Network
  • Australia & New Zealand – Partner Network
  • Europe – Direct Sales & Partner Network

All global regions that cannot be serviced by a partner, can be developed by SD Wind Energy direct.

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