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Company Overview

StorTera is an Edinburgh based energy storage solution provider. Our main development is the novel Single liquid flow battery, due to launch in 2020, it promises to be a game changer in the energy storage industry. The system will be very economical as well as having a long lifetime (20 years), quick response and the ability to provide long duration energy. We also offer a range of small scale solid batteries coupled with our highly functional Gridverter. The package offers our clients a modular, rackable/stackable system with the freedom to input any renewable generator along with grid import and export capability.

Products and Services

StorTera’s product range can support any scale of off-grid application. Our innovative flow battery is best suited to 100kW+ systems and we are keen to install additional demonstrators before 2020. Our first demonstrator was installed for Knoydart Renewables in April 2017 and it continues to provide back-up to their hydro powered community. We have gained experience of working in off-grid locations and with communities and continue to work with Knoydart Renewables to solve their energy challenges.

Our off-grid solid battery solutions come in 2.5kW units supported by a 4kW, 5kW, 8kW or 12kW GridVerter, they are modular and scalable up to ~200kW.

Target Market and Regions

Sri Lanka:

We have a distributor in place in Sri Lanka, IMS holdings ltd. They are targeting telecom companies with our battery and GridVerter product range as well as our portable battery back pack. They are covering SE Asia too. Sales to date: 6 units.

We also have an R&D team based in Sri Lanka working on our portable battery back pack.

Europe, SE Asia, Australia

Sri Lanka
South East Asia

Case Studies

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