Water to Water


Energy Storage, Heating, Wave, Tidal, Transport, Smart Grid, Control Systems, Cooling

Company Overview

Water to Water is a pure play hydrogen economy transition provider.


We offer a turnkey service to communities around the world wishing to take control of their own heating, transport and energy to become an independent, low carbon sustainable hydrogen producer and user.


As a technology neutral service provider, we can leverage relationships with the entire tool-box of renewable energy and hydrogen production technology providers, tailoring the hydrogen solution to each community around the: generation of hydrogen using renewable energy; transport, conversion and storage of hydrogen; conversion of domestic heating and electricity; and conversion of transport solutions as required.

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Infrastructure Transition

Products and Services

Water to Water is entirely dedicated to serving the requirements of island/remote communities to transition them away from national grid and/or hydrocarbon reliance to generating and using their own hydrogen across the triple energy vectors of transport, heating and energy.

Target Market and Regions

Water to Water offers its services globally, with existing relationships in UK, Germany, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Poland, Portugal and the Netherlands on the basis of direct sales, in country delivery and desk-based solutions. In country presence is evolved on a case by case basis as required.

We are specifically targeting any global communities wishing to take control of their own energy use, and transition to a hydrogen economy. These include islands and remote communities in the Caribbean Islands, the British Commonwealth, Mediterranean, South East Asian and other geographic areas.


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