Xanthella Ltd


Energy Storage, Control Systems, Smart Grid

Company Overview

Xanthella Ltd provides innovative solutions for problems of grid constraint in rural areas through demand side management using energy resources when and where they are produced to produce new manufactured products. The company is pioneering the use of algal manufacturing as a transactive load which can match local energy production or be used as a grid balancing tool. The company is developing smart control systems that can integrate different energy uses to optimise local generation and best use.

The company not only designs and manufactures systems but is highly engaged in leading circular economy projects aimed at solving problems in rural areas.

Xanthella was founded in 2009 and based at the European Marine Science Park just outside Oban in Argyll.

Other Sectors

Industrial Biotechnology; Photonics; Industrial production of microalgae

Products and Services

Xanthella leads the ground-breaking ASLEE and ENBIO Projects (www.aslee.scot) which integrates renewable electricity generation with bioproduction. The highly flexible load can match fluctuations in local energy systems to overcome grid constraints or to benefit off grid systems through rapidly (<1 sec) balancing generation with use.

Target Market and Regions

In addition to UK and  Ireland we are currently looking at projects in Iceland and the Caribbean. At present we are looking to engage in collaborative demonstrator projects rather than have direct sales though we can do export sales outwith the EU.


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