Ofgem Decarbonisation Action Plan

On 3rd February 2020, Ofgem published an outline decarbonisation action plan. In an accompanying statement

This document sets out the actions we will take in the next 18 months, beginning our next steps on an urgent, but decades-long journey towards net zero. We will work closely with government, industry and consumers to do this at the lowest cost. Our approach will continue to evolve, and we will develop new actions and programmes as the opportunities arise.

It aims towards:

  • Building a system that supports the growth of renewables and ten million electric vehicles on our roads by 2030
  • Supporting development of an offshore grid to enable a four-fold increase in offshore wind generation by 2030
  • Setting up an innovation fund focused on unlocking investment in innovative solutions to tackle climate change

Ofgem is seeking feedback on this approach by 21 February.

Further details may be found in the Press Release


… and the Main Document