Smarter Grid Solutions

Smarter Grid Solutions is a Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) software provider, serving Distribution Utility, System Operator, and Energy Asset Operator customers around the world.

The systems provided by Smarter Grid Solutions has enabled the connection, control, and optimisation of over 300 MW of energy assets and has delivered over £150m worth of value to its customers across the globe. This has included working with remote and islanded communities or where space on the network is limited. Its software uses the company’s market-leading Active Network Management technology to maximise the use of renewable and storage technologies to displace fossil fuel generation.

Notable island projects include solutions for the Orkney Isles and the Shetland Isles.  On the Orkney Isles, the DERMS software platform is used to manage 30 wind parks, totalling 26 MW of capacity, on allowing 130% of annual demand to be generated from renewables. On the Shetland Isles, our DERMS software provides system balancing through dispatch of residential demand and grid-scale battery storage, and combines this with real-time control of renewable and thermal generation. Creating such flexible system capability enabled the local utility to add a further 8.5 MW of renewable generation to the islands and has saved £ms in reduced diesel consumption.

This unique approach to microgrids can be utilised in almost any remote setting, where isolated communities are seeking to add more renewables to their grid, want to optimise the use of their assets or to improve reliability.