SMART:Scotland is supporting Feasibility Studies and Developing Prototypes

SMART:Scotland was set up in 2017 and is funded by the Scottish Government and is managed by Scottish Enterprise. It provides a source of funds for companies who wish to improve their competitiveness by developing new, highly innovative and commercially viable products or processes, to increase their markets or become more competitive. It is open to small and medium-sized businesses, university spin-outs or individuals that are based, or planning to be based in Scotland.

Grants are provided on a discretionary basis for technical and commercial feasibility studies or research and development projects. Successful applicants receive up to 70% for a small enterprise and up to 60% of the eligible costs for a medium enterprise. Projects last between 6 and 36 months and the maximum award is £100,000.

In order to apply you submit an initial enquiry form and you will be contacted to discuss the proposal by a team member at Scottish Enterprise. This discussion may lead to a full application and your proposal will be assessed. Projects are judged according to technological, intellectual property, financial and commercial aspects of the application as well as the management expertise available to the business. In addition, other aspects such as the project’s implications on society such as environmental impact, sustainability and health and safety may be considered. For more information visit the website.