Scottish islands are at the forefront of developing, installing and benefiting from energy systems solutions. From the Isle of Muck, where 100% of the electricity comes from renewable sources, to the Orkney islands, which has the highest concentration of wind turbines and electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK, inhabitants of Scottish islands have taken matters into their own hands to deliver cheaper, cleaner and secure energy.

Scottish companies have been integral in this process, providing technical services, supplying innovative and robust technologies or managing construction of these energy solutions. The skills and experience of these companies and the technologies they have developed are already being used successfully around the world.

Scottish companies have the expertise to deliver a project from its inception to implementation. Scottish project developers have experience working across all regulatory frameworks to identify and screen new sites and assess feasibility. Experts in the design of energy systems have produced solutions that address resource constraints, grid constraints and environmental constraints to deliver low-carbon energy solutions that provide security of supply at low cost. Scotland’s green finance experience is world leading, from developing investment-grade business plans through to securing finance, Scotland has funded millions of pounds worth of low carbon projects. Once the projects are financed, Scotland’s contractors are available to build the energy system anywhere in the world.

This capability and experience, with Scottish companies taking a project from cradle to grave, makes Scotland a leading nation in the delivery of low carbon solutions. Many of our energy technology companies are based on islands, embedded in island communities and know the unique challenges of working on an island.

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