Sustainable Islands International Members at Hannover Messe – 01 – 05 April 2019

The Low Carbon transition agenda is becoming a higher and higher priority for the world and Local Energy Systems are increasingly the direction that the market is taking. Scotland is leading the way in this sector, so where better to showcase this than in the Integrated Energy programme at Hannover Messe. Hannover Messe is one of the world’s largest trade fairs and will take place 01 – 05 April 2019 in Germany. The fair includes innovative products and solutions from across the entire industrial value chain. Typically, there are about 6,500 exhibitors showcasing projects in R&D, industrial automation, and IT, presenting technologies to revolutionize production and the supply chain, the energy sector, and mobility. Each year they have 250,000 visitors from across the globe.

Seven members from Sustainable Islands International (SII) will be attending as part of the Scottish Development International (SDI) pavilion in the Integrated Energy area (stand L66 in Hall 27) to showcase Scottish energy system capability and expertise. There is a week-long forum dedicated to integrated energy with a range of speakers covering how to lead a successful energy transition, developing the charging infrastructure of tomorrow, and how industrial companies can significantly cut costs by using energy more efficiently. On Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd April the SII members will be promoting their businesses in one of the Integrated Energy seminar rooms. There will also be an SDI networking reception on Wednesday 3rd with a much sought after ‘whisky tasting’ reception on the pavilion. Simon Morris from SII will be accompanying the following members are:


Aggreko is the global leader in the provision of temporary power and temperature control equipment solutions, with expertise in distributive energy systems, both behind and in front of the metre. The company’s product range encompasses the hire of batteries, generators, loadbanks, transformers, chillers, heaters, solar, dehumidifiers, cooling towers, boilers, air handling units and electrical distribution. Aggreko’s portfolio of power enables organisations and communities to benefit from dynamic Power Purchase Agreements that flex to environmental and commercial requirements. Aggreko’s product range connects communities via local energy systems.

CCL components and Firefly Hybrid Power

The CCL energy group incorporates CCL components and Firefly Hybrid Power. The power solutions division focuses on the design and supply of complete DC and AC power systems for remote locations, both industrial and domestic. Local energy systems meeting local electricity demands. Firefly Hybrid Power are world leading manufacturers of Hybrid power generators ranging from 3kW – 150kW. CCL’s control systems interfaces with multiple power sources including diesel generation, solar, wind, hydro, and AC inverters, providing a complete, automated monitoring and control solution in a single platform. These systems offer solutions to delivering a Low Carbon Transition for small and medium scale demands.

EMEC – European Marine Energy Centre

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) is the world’s leading facility supporting the testing, demonstration and verification of wave and tidal energy devices on its grid-connected and scale test sites in challenging open-sea environments. Integrating marine energy generated on site with hydrogen production, EMEC supply high-purity, green hydrogen across power, heat, and transport, decarbonising local energy systems. EMEC are experienced in managing international projects, offering a test and demonstration site for innovative hydrogen technologies.


Houlder deliver sustainable energy supply through marine infrastructure. Houlder engineering, design, technical consultancy and equipment supply capabilities have been of interest to island communities and archipelagos across the world as part of their Low Carbon Transition. Our professionals, working from Aberdeen and across the UK, have a proven track record delivering FEED studies, technical analysis and engineering services to government, utilities and major energy sector clients.


Logan Energy provides strategic energy advice, design and integration services for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. We have proven experience in the manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance of integrated Local Energy Systems that have been deployed in the UK, Germany and Spain. Being manufacturer independent, we analyse and select the most appropriate complementary technology and equipment for the project. We have developed an extensive network of suppliers that enable the delivery of fully compliant and cost optimised hydrogen systems.

SD Wind Energy

SD Wind Energy is the World Leader in Small Scale Wind Turbines & Hybrid Energy Systems, established in 1980. 1kW, 3kW, 6kW,12kW + Wind & Solar PV Hybrid Systems. The unique turbine design ensures maximum run time with no shut-down in extreme winds. Continuous generation is maintained in all weather regimes. Our turbines are integral to Local Energy Systems. SD Wind Energy are Connecting Communities that have never had power. SD Wind are Specialists in Rural Electrification, Remote Locations & Islands, Oil & Gas I Domestic and Industrial Applications. Made in Scotland for the World!

Star Renewable

Star Renewable Energy (SRE) are focussed on delivering heating and cooling solutions without burning fuel a definition of a Local Energy System. Whether large heat pumps for district heating or applying the same logic to district cooling but using the waste heat to desalinate seawater, we can deliver a huge saving in energy consumption, carbon footprint, NOx emissions and cost if we deploy heatpumps. Sourcing heat from rivers and with capacities in 10s of MW and temperatures close to 90⁰C, SRE’s heat pumps are not your typical heat pump and help deliver the Low Carbon Transition for public sector and private sector heating and cooling demands.