The 4th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop

The 4th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2019 in Crete, Greece. The conference is organised by Energynautics, a German expert in the isolated power systems, and the workshop advisory committee is made up of 31 members from academic institutions, intergovernmental organisations and industry.

This conference follows three previous successful workshops in Hawaii (2014), Puerto Rico (2016) and Tenerife (2018), and it offers an opportunity for a discussion on a wide range of topics regarding hybrid renewable energy systems. The objective of the workshop is to allow a discussion on the challenges that arise with integrating a large proportion of renewables in isolated island grids and the different technologies that could be combined with them (i.e. energy storage and conventional generators) to overcome these obstacles.

The workshop will look at examples from different locations, each with a unique set of circumstances, and will focus on system design, operating experience, business models, economics and implementation. As a result, this event should appeal to a variety of organisations interested in remote location energy systems, such as universities, independent R&D organisations, utility companies, project developers and consultants.

More information about the nature of the event and the program is available on the conference’s website.